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BSS for MVNOs Value Added Services   CRM
Business Support Systems for Mobile Virtual Network Operators. Wide range of Voice, SMS, USSD, MMS and Data services.   Integral Customer Relationship Management solution.
We offer complete solutions to connect to mobile operators networks. The integrated family of BSS products include: Customer Care tools, self-care white label portal, logistical portal, Point of Sales applications, Fraud Management, Network Provisioning, Workflow Manager, Promotions Manager, CRM, Ticket Management, … Based on our Integrated Service Delivery Platform (SDP), AlineaSol offers a rich set of enterprise services, including Virtual PBX, Network Recorder, Call Center automation…Additionally an interesting family of mass services are supported including SMS based inverse auction, Interactive Voice Mail, Network games, etc.   AlineaSol offers consulting and implementation services for Medium enterprises.

Furthermore, AlineaSol is a strong contributor to SugarCRM Community Edition.
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